A downloadable tool for Windows

Please read everything, or else you won't know how it works!


What if Notepad was redesigned....

to  be for batch files, and so had a friendlier interface for .bat files too?

Well here you go!

And, with the slogan "I mean, it's easier with ProgramStudio", you know it's handy dandy!

Create programs, games, anything with an batch-friendly version of  Notepad called "ProgramStudio" for free, and if you somehow get it before September 14th, you can earn an bundle with ProgramStudio Utimate!


  1. May be detected as malware, but thanks to an Malwarebytes forum, it's just a false positive!
    https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/187305-bat-to-exe-converter-files-detected-as-false-positives/ Oh, and sometimes Windows Defender will even delete the file.
  2. For free!
  3. This was actually intended to create batch files, but every result was either "Access denied" or it didn't work.
  4. That time when it asks you for the file's name, don't put in the extension after the file. You have to enter in the filename excluding  the.bat part!


ProgramStudio 119 kB