Baldi's Basics Simulator

Don't say "this is unneccsary man",first of all it's SWF,it don't have math OR Jumpscares. It also has a 2D Look.

Plus,it was made in scratch and coverted to HTML.

feel free to make a video of the game on youtube.

also if you do an youtube video you have to comment it! i am very inserted in your experince!

to make a mod,go to

and get an scratch account

see inside.

 then remix it.

modify anything,and don't add bad words if your'e gonna share it.

then go to

(GAMEIDHERE is were you paste the scratch project ID)

Mark "start automaticcually"

make sure fullscreen is marked yes

then,go in notepad and copy and paste this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>


be sure to copy and paste the code the site gives you in the blank space.

then save it to HTML

and upload it to!